Earth Day

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Mason and I stopped in to talk to Mr. Sespicko for a moment to talk about Earthday and what we can do to make it better.

What is earth day about?
“Earth day has a different meaning every year. For me earth day this year is about education to my students on the danger that the earth is presently in. Climate change and global warming are both very real and our behavior and actions truly do affect these. I want my students to think about their actions and what they do before they do it.”

What can we do as students to help with earth day?
“Anybody anywhere can participate in earth day by simply thinking about the environment and the consequence of everything they do. When you throw something away think of where you put it and where it goes. When you buy something in the first place ask yourself why you need it. I want everyone everywhere to be more thoughtful on what they.”

If we don’t help the planet what could this lead to?
“Currently there is a island of plastic in every ocean. In the pacific it is twice the size of Texas. Regarding the polls some scientists say they will be completely melted in 20 years. These thing make me sad and I want people to help prevent it. Humans are the main contributors to these unfortunate event. Recycling does matter. Reducing our demand helps the environment.”

If you would like to support Mr. Sespicko and his class this earthday, he has T-shirts available at room A 108 for ten dollars a shirt.

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