Makeup through the years

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Makeup has been with us for many many years, back since almost 10000 BC! The ancient Greeks used it as a sign of love for their gods and deities. It was mainly up of pieces of ground up rock in colors of reddish or pinkish brown. It was also made up of pieces of fruits and natural pigments.

In 3300 BC, tribes in Southern Europe started even tattooing their skin, and on the face. In 3200 BC, women in modern day Iraq started manufacturing the first manmade cosmetic products in the world.

In 3000 BC, Chinese started painting their finger nails, with natural pigments.

In 100 BC, women started using less and less makeup, in fear it was a sign of devil worshippers. In 1888, the first deodorant was created. Fashion magazine vogue was created in the us in 1892.

Finally 1900-2000, cosmetics became an international business that creates enormous profits.

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