5 Seconds of Summer Update

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5 Seconds of Summer Update

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5 Seconds of Summer, also known as 5SOS, hasn’t released new music for awhile. Many haven’t noticed except for us who have been waiting in the fandom. 5SOS released a single “Want You Back” on February 22nd. Not only did they release a new song but the released tour dates as well. This may not seem like a big deal but it is to everyone in the fandom. All of their recent activities conclude that they’re releasing the new album soon. They said it theirselves how close they are to releasing it.

One of the many reasons I am excited for the new album is because of my curiosity. They have changed so much over the years and I’m expecting their new music to give us an inside look on what they’ve been going through and how they feel. Because of their sudden release of tour dates after the release of “Want You Back” had people wondering when they were releasing the whole album. Who would go on tour with only one new song? Most of the fandom was pretty sure that they will release it before tour but the tour was only a few days away when they found out about it. The news that basically killed the whole fandom is that they are releasing the album soon. We found out how soon it was and the fandom is going crazy. Their new album is coming out June 22nd and you are able to preorder it now.They also gave us the name and track list of the album. “Youngblood” is the album with 16 songs that we know of.


2.Want You Back

3.Lie to Me

4. Valentine

5. Talk Fast

6. Moving Along

7. If Walls could Talk

8. Better Man

9. More

10. Why Wont You Love Me

11. Woke Up In Japan

12. Empty Wallets

13. Ghost Of You

14.Monster Among Men

15. Meet You There

16. Babylon

Not many people know much about the boys in 5 Seconds of Summer but don’t worry, I’m gonna tell you. There are 4 boys in the band Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Michael Clifford. Luke is the lead vocalist and guitarist but also does the rhythm and piano. Ashton is the drummer but he also does keyboard and vocals. Calum does the bass guitar and vocals. Michael does vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, and is a lead. The band started in 2011 on Youtube. They would post videos where they preformed covers of popular songs. At first it was Luke, Michael, and Calum but Ashton came along liking their work and instantly had a connection with them. This led to him being the drummer.

The boys grew up in Sydney Australia and 3/4 attended Norwest Christian College. Thats how Michael, Luke, and Calum met. They all have distinct personalities. Luke is the frontman basic cliche but much sweeter, Michael is the punkish one that is loud and crazy. Calum is sweet and reserved(sometimes a party animal), and Ashton is in line for the second-placed heartthrob  who is quite talkative but also the ‘mom’ of the group.

The boys are all unique together. Their style screams pop rock and pop punk. They hate being called a boy band  because of the cliche thoughts that come to mind.They see themselves as a simple band. Also a reason they are specifically not a boy band is that they actually write their songs and play their own music instead of going off of a recording. Their influences are from Green Day and Blink-182. They’ve also got an ‘approval’ of being called a rock band by My Chemical Romance,Good Charlotte, Goldfinger, and All Time Low.  They may have boyband-ish moments but that doesn’t classify them as a boyband. They work much harder than simple boybands.

Since the release of their first songs the boys have grown so much. With hard work they’ve been trying to keep the fandom at bay. Although they have taken forever to make an album, the fandom stayed strong waiting for the release. The recent activity of the boys have us going crazy. Besides, we never know when we’re gonna get a new album again. This is not a lot of information about them but it means a lot. The boys have complex personalities and they are hard to describe.I highly suggest researching more about them and checking out their new album to find out more about them.


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