Holiday 365 Breaks Records

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Holiday 365 broke their own records for the 2018 Christmas season!
In fact, the donations for 2018 more than doubled that of 2017 due to the generous donations of Trucks for Maddox and local community members, teachers, students and family. The total number of items received was over 450! Due to this massive increase, each child on the Highlands Angel Trees were able to receive two to six extra presents for Christmas. Also, massive donations were able to be given to the HOPE Center, as well as AVAC. The result of this project was absolutely amazing and was beyond rewarding to be able to have an impact on so many lives during the holiday season. I would truly like to thank everyone for any contribution they had. It means everything and to know that children were able to feel excitement on Christmas is absolutely heartwarming. Holiday 365 will be continuing their efforts for Easter, so think ahead and don’t be afraid to “hop” on the good deals on items such as toys, candy, plastic Easter eggs, baskets and more! Again thank you all for everything.

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