Is Blue Ivy Actually Beyonce’s Baby?

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Many people say that if she used a surrogate, it would have had to look identical to Beyonce, but have you seen Blue Ivy? That child is literally Jay-Z just shrunken down and with pigtails. So the surrogate could have some features similar to Beyonce’s, but they definitely don’t show. But where one conspiracy goes, another one follows. Many people have now come to believe that Beyonce’s sister, Solange, could actually be her daughter. In order to actually believe this theory, you would also have to believe that Beyonce was born in 1974, and not 1981 as she claims. That means she would have been in her early teens when Solangé was born. The basis for this theory is an anonymous posting on a website from someone who claims to have heard the truth from one of Beyonce’s cousins. Personally, I highly doubt that Solange is Beyonce’s sister, but I do believe that she could have been her surrogate. It would make sense after all, because she has very similar facial features as her sister. Whatever the case may be, I think we can all agree that Blue Ivy is literally an exact copy of her father.

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