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“The government is founded on the people and it’s for the people by the people. If you don’t vote, it’s not by the people anymore” says 87 year old Dorothy Nee. As the midterm elections approach, it is important to keep in mind how important your vote is. Voting is defined by an expression of opinion and perseverance. Your opinions and voices want to be heard. Why else would we be allowed to vote? Voting gives you an opportunity to be part of decision making that affects your life and the future of your district, state, and country. As Dorothy said, if you don’t vote, the government will no longer be made by the people.

Over the past year and a half, I have had the privilege to work as an intern on the Nulph for House campaign. Being an intern, I have worked alongside Josh in his campaign and have seen the process of a midterm election. I’ve gone out and knocked 1,000’s of doors and have made hundreds of phone calls. Seeing what goes on behind the scenes of a midterm election, I have gained the knowledge of how important it is not to only vote, but how to get educated on who to vote for. A good way to decide who you want to vote for is to just simply get out into your community and see what candidates have done for you and how they are involved. Research their stances and what they desire to achieve if elected. Talk to people in your community to keep the conversation going about the election and who seems to best fit your district/state. In a midterm election, a candidates party should not dictate your decision. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, your decision should be based on who is most qualified. “No matter your party, it is important that we all get out to vote” says State House Representative candidate Joshua Nulph. Become educated about who is on the ballot, and vote to make a difference and to benefit your future.

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