Highlands Concert Band performs at Grove City

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The Highlands concert band is taking on more than just yearly concerts. As an adjudication is on the rise, they were invited to open for the Grove City concert ensambles. Grove City’s director was a judge at last years adjudication, and they left him will such an impact, they were the first band that came to mind when thinking of a high school band to open for their spring concert. The Highlands band director, Matthew Beresik, attended both Highlands Highschool and Grove City. He quoted many times “Its an honor having my alma mater at my alma mater”. The concert day consisted of a dinner at one of the colleges dining halls, rehearsal, and then a tour of the music department. The band then performed 3 songs from their upcoming spring concert to open. A concert band member Jake Graff says “I had a great time listening to the college band and hearing a sound that we could potentially reach if we worked hard enough.”

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