Conspiracy Theory: Is Stevie Wonder Actually Blind?

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Many people know Stevie Wonder as the American singer and songwriter who is one of the most critically and commercially successful musical performers of the late 20th century. Along with being a successful singer, Stevie Wonder dazzles listeners with the fact that he is blind but can play multiple instruments, such as the piano, harmonica, and the electric organ. When Wonder was born 6 weeks premature, doctors were unaware of the fact that highly oxygenated environments found in newborn incubators could damage the human eye. Unfortunately, Wonder found this out the hard way and would continue the rest of his life blind. But there are skeptics who pose an intriguing question: is Stevie Wonder actually blind? And it turns out that this question may not be that crazy. Sportswriter Bomani Jones has pointed out Wonder’s references to visual imagery in the lyrics of his songs, his preference for sitting court side at NBA games, and his reputation as a childhood prankster. (I don’t know about you, but it would be hard to prank someone without seeing what you’re doing. Just saying). There is also visual evidence against Wonder, such as a photo of him taking a picture of Michael Jackson’s wax figure, and a video of him catching a mic stand mid-fall.


I am just really confused by the photo of him taking a picture of Michael Jackson’s wax figure because what is he going to do with that if he is in fact blind? He can’t see it, so what’s the point? I just don’t understand what he is going to gain from taking a photo of his wax figure. And if you think about it, he makes so much money from people who are stunned by his musical abilities even with his ailment. Why wouldn’t he want to keep the front that he’s blind? He’s a millionaire partially because of it! And to go back on his preference for sitting court side at NBA games; why does his proximity to the court matter? He can’t see what’s going on no matter where in the stadium he is. Personally, I believe in this conspiracy theory. I just don’t understand why he needs photos of specific things and courtside seats. And how did he know how far in descent his microphone stand was when it was falling? I’ve seen the video, he caught it perfectly. It all just doesn’t add up.

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