When Should Stores Start Selling Christmas Decorations?

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When Should Stores Start Selling Christmas Decorations?


      For as long as I can remember, Christmas decorations always came out the day after Halloween was over. It was just common knowledge that as soon as the clock struck 12 on Halloween night, it was time for Christmas. However, in the past couple years, it seems that stores have been putting decorations out earlier and earlier. This year decorations went out as early as the beginning of October. It’s like the stores just skipped over Halloween and Thanksgiving, and went straight to Christmas. Even television stations are already putting out Christmas commercials. So here I am posing the question, when should decorations come out for the holidays?

     In my personal opinion, Christmas shouldn’t be mentioned or brought up until after Thanksgiving, but I know most people are already in the spirit by then. I feel that if Christmas comes out as early as it has been, it ruins the magic. By the time it actually rolls around, we are tired of the decorations and just want it over with. That’s not how I like to remember Christmas, so that’s why I think it should hold off a bit longer. So then my next thought is, do other people share the same opinion as me? Do they think that Christmas should be held off just a bit longer?


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