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Spring-Sanity 2018

Winning Team

Winning Team

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Spring-Sanity is a Dodge Ball tournament, Dunk Tank, and Pie A Teacher! a The date of Spring-Sanity is Friday, May 24th and 25th. It cost $5 to play dodgeball but the uniforms cost $20. To get a chance to pie a teacher it will cost you 25 cents. The dunk tank will be $1 for 3 chances to dunk a teacher. All proceeds go to “Friends To Friends” Organization which promotes Integration, Diversity, and Fun Through Sports. 

Dodge Ball

  1. 10 players at cost of $5 per person ($50 per team)
  2. Coed teams are permitted
  3. Teams may have a non-playing coach for an additional $5
  4. Each team should have a theme song to be played for their introduction


Nuclear Dodge

  • Nick Bates
  • CalebBlack
  • Billy Conley
  • Cole Masarik
  • Sam Peck
  • Gabe Norris
  • Kam Heckman
  • Tyler Sportelli
  • Chance Pittman

Entrance Song “Plug Walk”- Rich The Kid


The Weekend Warriors

  • Logan Crise
  • Jason Beer
  • Nick Cichello
  • Seth Cohen
  • Noah Gillette
  • Ryan Signorella
  • Dalton Swartz
  • Mario Sienko
  • Zac Kuniak
  • Jackson Bond

Coaches: Lukas Lamer and Grayson Mann

Entrance Song: “Born In The USA”- Bruce Springsteen


Picked Last

  • Luke Cochran
  • Romeo Freeman
  • Christian Tanilli
  • Jacob Waner
  • Johnny Crise
  • Nathan ridelle
  • Cooper Schoen
  • Dom Pesci
  • Brandon Jocheim
  • Mason McGraw

Coaches: Tony Mills and Mason Swanger

Entrance Song: “Goosebumps’- Travis Scott


D4 Sophomores 

  • Ethan Gillette
  • Korry Myers
  • Noah McQuade
  • Dan Signorella
  • Robbie Singer
  • Tage Lang
  • Darren Hildebrand
  • Ethan Bernat
  • Mike Magdenic
  • Matt Cekeda

Coaches: Mykaela Palermo and Alexa Marasco

Entrance Song: “September”- Earth, Wind, & Fire


Malicious & Delicous

  • Braden Goldberg
  • Richard Blake
  • Will Bradfield
  • Josh Stuckley
  • Nathan Love
  • Greg Wygonik
  • John Price
  • Matt Spears
  • Cole Bergquist

Entrance Song: “Jellyfish Jam”- Spongebob Squarepants


Ball So Soft 2.0

  • Jaci Bowser
  • Rachael Blackburn
  • Morgan Oravitz
  • Joie Beacom
  • Kylie Zourelias
  • Jazmine Strader
  • Kaitlyn Jones
  • Anna Holding
  • Sara Karns
  • Tori Lohler

Coaches: Natalie Gentile and Bailey Beacom

Entrance Song: “Walk It, Talk It”- Migos


Lit Ladies 

  • Savannah Loveland
  • Lexi Wells
  • Kalie Mcintire
  • Sam Sacco
  • Skylar Sacco
  • Kate Snyder
  • Loren Sutlovich
  • Megan Napolitano
  • Emily Bush
  • Alyssa McDaniel

Coaches: Gracie Love

Entrance Song: “Litty”- Meek Mill


The Dawgs

  • Wahkeem Roman
  • Antoine McDaniel
  • Jeremiah Nelson
  • David Loveland
  • Alex Korber
  • Tyler Schuller
  • Kaleb Radeshak
  • Luke Beer
  • Nolan Loskoch
  • Henry Edgar

Coaches: Stefon Stevenson and Eli Streblick

Entrance Song: None


The Geek Squad

  • Mr. Sespico
  • Mr. Thompson
  • Ms. Bragan
  • Mrs. Proano
  • Mrs. Skwortz
  • Mrs. Eckenrod
  • Mr. Stocynzki
  • Mr. Silver man
  • Mr. Valenti
  • Mr. McClafferty
  • Mrs.Stack
  • Mr. Novak
  • Mr. Taladay
  • Mr. Toole

Entrance Song: “My Shot”- Hamilton The Musical




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