Highlands Hockey Season Ends

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As a Senior on the Highlands High School JV hockey team it is with great sorrow that I announce as of Thursday, March 21, 2019,  our season has come to an end. Facing what was the last game of the season, against the Indiana Chiefs, Highlands fell 4-2 in their first playoff game. The game was well very fought and they almost managed to make an incredible comeback, but Indiana out played them by far. With only 13 consistent players this year the team had fought much adversity but overcame it to get to where they ended. However, this loss did not triumph the amazing record that they held during the 18-19 season. Highlands ended their season tying for second in the overall rankings. Only losing two games the entire season, this was the greatest record ever in Highlands Hockey history. While four players are going to  graduate from the program,  two will fortunately move up from the Middle School, hoping to make a greater impact and go farther into playoffs next season.

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