2017-2018 Staff

Rashad Reuben

Staff Writer

Hi,my name is Rashad Reuben I an 15 years old in the tenth grade . I love cooking, landscaping, and sports . I live in Natrona Pennsylvania.  My favorite hobby is lawn mowing (it might sound wired but...

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Mason McGraw

Staff Writer

My name is Mason McGraw and I like to many things. One thing I like to do is play sports. My favorite is baseball, but I also like to play multiple sports with my friends. Another thing I like doing i...

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Wahkeem Roman

Staff Writer

My name is Wahkeem Roman I am a freshmen at highlands high school. I also play football and, basketball for the Highlands Golden Rams. I like to play video game with my friends after school.

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Eve Trent

Staff Writer

Hello! The name is Eve Trent, I am a senior in high school and planning on going to CCAC for Massage Therapy, then going to a 4-year university for Biological Forensics. I enjoy Chinese food, band, volleyball,...

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Steven Pitkivitch

Staff Writer

My name is Steven Pitkivitch and I like to do several things. One of which is gaming, I try to game everyday. Another one of my hobbies is to walk. I try to walk for at least one hour each day. My favorite...

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Breona Csizmadia

Staff Writer

My name is Breona Csizmadia but my friends usually call me Bre. I am a freshman in highlands which also means that I am in 9th grade. My hobbies include photography, writing, and some sports. Although I ...

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