Plans for Summer Fun in the Sun

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Summer is a time to make memories with your friends and family. Many people go on trips, explore around, or even just get a summer job. Some students and staff here at Highlands have fun and amazing plans for the summer. I interviewed some with these questions…

1.  What are your plans for summer?

2. Who are these plans with?

3. Are you working over summer?

4. What are some recommendations to do during summer?

They might be simple questions but that just leaves the answers to be more thought about and creative. I interviewed a freshman, senior, and Mr.Kirin.

The first interviewee is a freshman. When I asked her the questions I got these answers…

1.  “I wanna be outside a lot more and exercise, go do a lot more things with friends ,and meet new friends. I would also like to help my cousin with his garden.”

2. “I plan to do these things with my cousin, friends, and myself.”

3. ” I’m still deciding about a summer job.”

4. “I recommend going somewhere new, planting a garden, and meeting new friends and people.”

I think she has a great plan for summer.

The next interviewee is a senior. What she wants to do during summer may be more important to her because she’s graduating so look for the differences and what stands out. She replied…

1. “This summer I want to work snd volunteer.”

2. “My family and I are doing this together.”

3. “Yes! Hopefully I find a job soon.”

4. “I want you to lay down, sleep, and watch 13 Reasons Why if you haven’t already.”

It sounds like she’s taking a calm and relaxing approach to summer.

My final interviewee is Mr.Kirin. As we all know he is a great teacher who try to push the limits as far as they can go. Imagine how bold his summer will be.

1. “Im gonna dj some weddings, I’m going to Colorado, and I wanna read 5 books.”

2.” My wife, buddy Dylan, Poe, Vonnegut, Chan, and Patterson.”

3. “Just dj stuff and kids camps in Michigan and Pittsburgh for church.”

4. ” Play tennis, research where waterfalls are and make the trip, go camping, and watch the the show Suits.”

Mr.Kirin’s summer seems fun and exciting. If you haven’t made any plans this summer I suggest you do soon. If you haven’t gotten any ideas of what to do here are some…

  1. Go to the beach
  2. See a movie at the drive-in
  3. Plan a cookout/picnic
  4. Go to a fair or carnival
  5. Stargaze
  6. Watch the sunset with a special someone
  7. Go for a hike
  8. Go to a summer music festival
  9. Last minute road trip
  10. All day Netflix movie marathon
  11. Paint twister
  12. Water wars
  13. Charity run
  14. Amusement park
  15. Make a Bonfire
  16. Kayaking or canoeing
  17. Charity run
  18. Go fishing
  19. Play some sports
  20. Volunteer

Here are some ideas of what to do during summer if you didn’t plan anything yet. These interviews show what some highlands students do during summer but there are many other things others do or plan to do during summer. Have fun and get out this summer. Done just sit inside. Go have fun and enjoy it. 

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