Senior night or Puddle Preparation

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All bundled up!! A foreign exchange student from Argentina adapts to the Pennsylvania Weather.

Last football game student section of the year!

As the football season came to an end the students section stayed strong… for the most part. During the season the weather was very rained out and cold a lot of the time. 2/4 of the home games it started pouring before half time. But on October 26th, 2018, it was the Highlands Rams last game as that team, senior night. The team will never be the same again. With the Crowds covered in big coats, blankets, and ponchos, they support their favorite high school team. The Senior boys, and girl, walked down the field to start off the game. A moment of silence followed shortly after for our dearest friend Elijah Bussoti for his life was lost. Then our Honors choir sang our Star Spangled Banner along with The Al Malter. The weather was at approximately 42° and light rain at first. The very cold weather conditions pushed people away don’t they ended up leaving. From the student section point of view, one could argue that they couldn’t feel their feet by the end of the game. Heard from many, “my feet have never hurt so bad!”. If it wasn’t for the rain in top of the cold it is believed it would have been a little better to stay. Water, cold water was getting into people’s shoes and the wind chill only worsened the temperature. At half time we had a student sing his song “Long Live E”, a song Jaylen Hayden wrote for Elijah. Seniors and some other students stood behind him wrapped in layers singing the chorus with him. By the end of the night there was only about 5 students in the student section left. With some friends returning after leaving at half time, students gather around one last time with the class of 2019. The Rams fought throughout the season with some wins and losses. The team will never be the same but they will always be R4L.

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