The Broad and Brute Bells of Notre Dame

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It took musical and choir director, Michael Zeiler, many long months to decide what the 2019 musical would be. With his singular decision, the “Hunchback of Notre Dame”, which was just released to be available for high schools around the country. This show requires much vocal flexibility and technique, which is more than what some high schoolers can put forth. The co-vocal director, Alex Slaughter, is prepared to lead them in the right direction of what needs to happen. Because of the demand that students need to be asked, it has been opened up to the 26 denominational community choirs around the district. Any alumni or choir participant was asked to be apart of the show and sing as the congregants, which is a very unique opportunity! For the next 3 months, students and adults will be preparing vocally for this challenging musical.

On February 2nd, the 7th annual cabaret will be held. This is an event that tons of alumni attend and take this time to perform individually, or duet with any alumni they choose. For the community, these events bring together any young adult to the older generation. The music provided and worked with shows the hope Highlands maintains. Whether a graduate of 3 years or 30, the pride should never fade because of our music program. What we are taught among musical is more than what a black and white textbook brings us.

Our school provides us an outlet of music that does not fade over time, it seems to be everlasting. The “Hunchback of Notre Dame” will take place March 22nd at 7PM, 23rd at 7PM, and 24th at 2PM.

Come join in the Highlands High School auditorium for each event!

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