Our Librarian Dr. Reidmiller

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How many students come in on a daily basis?

“It all depends on what day if it is a research day 100 but if not only a dozen.”

What genre is checked out most?


What are some of your responsibilities that you have on a daily basis?

“Have to order books, catalog new books, check books in and out, organize books, help kids find what they are looking for, and help teachers with projects.”

How many years have you been a librarian?

“30 plus years.”

How many years have you been a librarian at Highlands?

“I have been at highlands for 12 years.”

What is your favorite book?

“She Walks These Hills by Sharyn McCrumb.”

Why can the library be so important to teachers and students?

“The library is the most important place because when you graduate High School and\or College nobody expects you to know every single thing about every single topic and a library allows you to know and learn everything about every topic.”

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