Keystone Exams

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This years 2018 Keystone exams are coming up faster than we expected! Starting May 14, through May 17th. Were not sure yet if there will be any delays, but this year this is going to be Algebra 1, Biology 9, and English 10. Getting a score of proficient or higher is required to pass the keystones. Did you know, they were made only in 2012-2013? This is  when the keystone exams were first accessible. Also, the algebra and literature tests have 23 multiple choice questions and four open ended. The biology tests have 32 questions and 4 open ended. The keystone exams are one component of Pennsylvanias new system of high school graduation requirements. These tests will help students meet state standards. A study shows that about 65% of kids scored about a proficient  or below? Kids these days need to be ell rested and have a good breakfast to et a decent score of their exam. So this year, for the 2018 keystone exams, make sure you eat good. sleep good, and listen good!

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