A Night on the Town for Highlands Varsity Marching Band Seniors

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The Highlands Varsity Marching Band seniors finished their final season in late October. To celebrate such a successful and enjoyable last season the seniors decided to spend a night in Pittsburgh enjoying time together. The seniors began their night by eating decadent meals at Monterey Bay Fish Grotto. The meal began with appetizers such as bruschetta, crab cakes, shrimp and beef sticks, followed by salad and bread. Then the main course of a choice of seafood or ravioli was served. To conclude the delicious dinner, the choice of chocolate cake, angel food grilled cheese, pie and other desserts were served and eaten. The food was absolutely delicious!
Then the seniors headed to the Benedum to watch “The Phantom of the Opera”. It was a truly amazing show! The theatrics, songs, acting, dancing and unexpected moments truly made the show. It was so interesting and was a great performance for all of us to watch and enjoy together.
After the show the seniors enjoyed the city for the last time and headed home. It was a great way for the seniors to come together and reminisce on the years of time, effort and dedication they have put into Marching Band. Soon everyone will be heading off in different directions to follow the path that leads them to their dreams, but memories like these will remind everyone of the program that they had together. Forever a part of the Highlands Varsity Marching Band they will be.

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