Do Name Brands Matter?

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Many kids these days want to wear name brand clothing  just to fit in, but does this really matter?

In my opinion, it shouldn’t.  You shouldn’t want to be like everybody else.  Instead you should want to be yourself and even stand out. Sometimes it is hard to be yourself, but eventually it will become easier.

Also, many teenagers do not have the money to get name brand clothing, so they get bullied, which isn’t easy to handle.

Please, if you know someone, or if you are getting bullied, make sure to tell a teacher, or an adult. Even though name brand clothing can be better quality, sometimes, its exactly the same as clothes you could find at a thrift store. And these clothes would be way cheaper, for the same thing!

Next time you’re out shopping, or going to get someone a gift for a holiday, remember, it doesn’t have to be name brand, just find anything you or your friends will like!

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