Tips on Breaking Bad Habits

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Many people these days have a bad habit on doing things too long or too much and can’t stop. Many of these things are shopping, sleeping, eating , binge-watching, playing video games, and even with social media. Some people want to change their habits and can’t find ways to stop. Its not that easy but if you really want it to happen you can work hard and succeed.

The first thing to do is to realize you have a habit and recognize what triggers your habit. Usually stress or boredom is the start of it all. Once you figure out which one try to stay clear of it. You also need to know that you can not just eliminate a bad habit. You need to replace it as well to keep you from going back to it. A lot of planning, thinking, and lists should go into this. I suggest making a list of small goals to get to your big goal and one of better habits that interest you . Make sure your goals are in an order you want to accomplish them in.

You also need to slowly make changes. A change you should consider is  how you feel about this habit. You may be thinking that you wont be able to break it but if you try hard enough you can do it. Then you should start working on those smaller goals reaching your bigger goal. Don’t rush anything, this takes time.While doing all of this you need to keep track of how good you are doing to remind you how strong you are. It will help you push yourself to stay on track and not start your habit again.

Another thing to look into is pairing with someone who wants to quit the same habit as you. You can go through this together and you can celebrate victories. This may also be an advantage because you have someone who understands what you’re going through and its kind of like having a personal motivator.You know what’s even better than having one person support you, having many people. You should try to surround yourself with people who want you to succeed and help you visualize your succeeding.

If these people don’t motivate you enough to keep going you should remember that this is for you. You may feel like you are changing yourself but in reality you’re just going back to being the you before you started your habit. A bad habit is not a good way for someone to view you with and you before the bad habit is the real way people should be viewing you so show them you can  be stronger and change to be the better you again.

In order to stop your habit you need to plan for failure. Everyone slips up every once and awhile but whats important is to not start doing it again. A slip up is not a ticket to throw away all your hard work and start at the beginning. A slip up just shows how hard you’ve been trying and if you get back on track from it you are almost there. The ability to get a taste of a bad habit and turn away from it again is hard but it proves to yourself that you have almost made your big goal. If you do end up with your habit again it’s ok. Just keep trying and eventually you can crush and replace it. The only way to actually end your bad habit is to forgive yourself  and the more you have to forgive yourself the better. You can look back on your mistakes to eventually get there. These mistakes are apart of your success.

Once you’ve actually broke you bad habit it is a relief. This is something you should look forward to not having all those problems caused by the habit on your shoulders now because its behind you. Breaking a habit can be one of the most hardest things to do in life and it is a big deal. Some people might not think so but these bad habits can have a huge negative part in your life. It is a great accomplishment to get rid of bad habits. I hope you end a bad habit and look back one day to see how much you’ve changed for the better.

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