Censorship In Our Schools

10 Books That Have Been Banned In Schools Across America, Some Of Them May Surprise You

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Censorship In Our Schools

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Here in America, we retain the right of freedom of the press. Writers may publish anything, although, this does not necessarily mean people will read it. However, despite this right, many schools across the United States have deemed certain books to be too heavy, morbid, or racey to be read in school. Here is a list of some of these books.

1: Fahrenheit 451; Ironically, this book about burning books and censorship was banned due to one of the books burned being the Bible.

2: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; This book was banned due to its use of the ‘N” word, used profusely throughout the book as to illustrate the awfulness of the word and all its connotations.

3: Catcher In The Rye; This book was banned for its use of the “F” bomb, and also for inciting youthful rebellion and disrespect of authority.

4: Where’s Waldo?; In one picture, featuring a beach scene, a small woman can be seen with a sliver of her breast showing, you have to wonder how much time and meticulous searching someone had to do in order to find this.

5: The Diary Of A Young Girl By Anne Frank; A story of a young jewish girl during the holocaust, this book was banned in 1983 by the Alabama State Textbook Committee for “Being a real downer”.

6: To Kill A Mockingbird: Another book banned for its use of the “N” word, despite (much like Huckleberry Finn) the book being about how racism is evil…

7: Harry Potter; Surprising how a book renowned for its excellent good vs evil, understanding, tolerance, and love conquers all theme could be banned, right? This book was band for its excessive use of the “occult” (a.k.a. magic).

8: Little Red Riding Hood; This classic fairy tale was banned due to one of the items in her basket being a bottle of wine, and therefore “promoting alcohol”.

9: Sleeping Beauty; Another classic, banned for promoting witchcraft.

10: Harriet The Spy; A fun children’s book, banned because it “teaches children to lie, spy, back-talk, and curse.”

These are just a few of the books being banned in schools across America for the “benefit of our children”. Who knows how many more classic books will be banned, and how far censorship will spread in America. Newspapers are not allowed to publish stories demoting certain politicians, lies spread like a wildfire across the U.S.A., and the truth is kept secret. Eventually, Fahrenheit 451 may just become a reality for us, unless we choose to speak out.

But what are your opinions on this? Do these books deserve to be banned? Or should we speak out?

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