Lady Rams Revival

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In the 2017 season of the Lady Rams soccer team, it was not sought out to be very successful. As the one-win season progressed, the girls lost hope and did not know how to rise up from there. Over the summer, the team received news on a different coach taking the 2018 head position. This time, it was a lady, which is very unfamiliar in the coaching history. Her name is Jenna Plummer, who is 26 and has coached multiple teams before. As the summer got closer to the mandatory practices, the girls needed to find out more about who was leading their team, and possibly turning their history around. In July, Plummer came to multiple practices to scope out what she was going to work with, realizing she had her work cut out for her. After 2-3 rigorous weeks of nonstop conditioning and bonding with the full team, a whole new team was created.

September then rolled around, revealing whether or not this team would have a comeback. Girls of all ages on the team were equally determined, not wanting to have a repeat of the 2017 season. In 2015 and 2016, the Lady Rams were well known in the playoff history, and that’s what this team head out for. A game every Monday and Wednesday, even Saturdays, in rain or shine, the team persevered. The sight of playoffs was consistently in their grasp. Not only because of the different ball training or conditioning levels, but the help and guidance of their leader, Jenna Plummer. In the last week of the season, which takes place in the middle of October, the Lady Rams has one game in between them and playoffs. Coaches from all around the section were appalled at how far this team has grown and become the team they were. Their rivals, Deer Lakes and Freeport, who once were never worried about them; finally became scared. From a one-win team, to a playoff bound team, was the best type of growth a team could achieve. The Highlands Lady Rams unfortunately lost their one game stopping them from playoffs on October 15, but that only means the 2019 year will bring the round of playoffs they have all been waiting for.

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