To Golf? Or Not to Golf?

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The 2018 Highlands Golf Team underwent an consistent season where attendence was spotty and effort lacked. Altough, it was highlighted by members Tyler Spencer, Michael Magdinec, Braden Goldberg, Billy Gufstason, Jack Ford, and Sara Karns due to their dedication to the team and an attempt to improve as a player at every chance possible.

The season started strong wifh upwards of 20 members per practice, but quickly dwindled down to an average of 6 people in attendance. The members who did attend, earned much praise from Coach Novak, who understood the other activities and schoolwork they were enduring while trying to improve at the game of golf. The team had two senior  members sucsssfully complete the season and were recognized at the Boy’s Soccer Senior Night for their efforts.

In order to prevent such an occurrence from happening again, my personal recommendation is for people not to sign up unless willing to commit.

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