Cross Country Comes To An End

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As the 2018 season of cross country comes to a close, for all but one, I look back on many points of this final season. This season was one of the rainiest, muddiest, most interesting seasons of my 7 years stretch on the Highlands Cross Country team. At all but one of the scheduled meets, the team encountered some degree of rain. Although my opinion is far different than others, I have to say the rain is one of the best times to run. The Deer Lakes Senior Night meet was canceled and rescheduled due to unsafe conditions on the course. This was decided while on the walk through when here was a stream of running water right down the middle of the course. This meet then had to be run at Knoch High school on its rescheduled date because, although there was about a three week period before the rescheduled date, the Deer Lakes Course never recovered. Many times runners came across the finish line looking as if they swam in mud. Lucky for us, our uniforms are brown. All in all, this was another great season of fun and fellowship for the boy’s and girl’s cross country team, a team that I will truly miss being a part of.

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