Follow Up On Grease the Musical

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If you didn’t already know, this years musical for the high school was Grease. Watching the musical was a great experience because of how well put together it was. The cast of Grease did an amazing job at making it a memorable musical. They did fantastic in all of the scenes but I didn’t like a few of them.

Some of my favorite scenes were the car scene, prom scene, and carnival scene.My over all favorite scene was the prom scene. The prom scene was my favorite because of the dance off. I was very amazed with the small dance number . I also liked the carnival scene a lot. I loved the props and how there was many of the cast on stage cheering on and playing a carnival game. It’s a nice thing to have more than one activity going on stage but not too many and they did an amazing job at limiting it. There was just enough activity going on in that scene and it was fantastic. The car scene was astonishing but what really grabbed my attention was the outfits and props in it. They were so perfect for the scene and it correspond well with the car on stage and its color. Something I’ve been wondering is how they got the car on and off stage so quickly.

I loved the whole musical all together but there were a few scenes that could’ve been improved. I didn’t like the beauty school drop out scene as much as I would’ve like to. The cast did an amazing job on it but it was kinda plain. Yes that scene is originally plain but they needed something else to to make the stage look more like the scene from the movie. Another scene that I didn’t like as much was the park scene. I didn’t like it as much because there wasn’t a park scene in the real movie.

Some of the things throughout the musical that were fantastic the whole time are the outfits and props. The outfits were amazing because they were well put together and they were very cute. My favorite outfits was the car scene outfits for the girls. It was very cute and I loved the contrast it had with the car on stage.The props were also amazing. Whoever built them or even helped build them did a fantastic job. One of my favorite props was in the carnival scene. The wall with the carnival “game” on it brought my attention to it because of all the bright colors and fun things on it. Another prop I liked was also in that scene, the shake prop was another eye catcher.

I would love to point out that the singers did an amazing job and this is definitely one musical I will remember. They looked perfect up there like they hadn’t just learned everything so quick. Nobody looked nervous at all and it was amazing. I loved the prom scene so Its Raining on Prom Night  is stuck in my head. Its gonna be there for awhile reminding me of how perfect the whole musical was. I hope you watched it,experienced it for yourself, and liked hearing about what I liked.

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